• Developing In-House Custom Training
  • New Manager Training
  • Understanding Personality Differences
  • Getting New Employees off to a Great Start
  • Increasing Accountability
  • Disciplinary Strategies
  • Handling Ethical Dilemmas
  • Modifying/Improving Employee Behaviors
  • Developing Teamwork
  • Finding and Hiring Better Employees
  • Keeping the Best Employees
  • Dealing with a Wide Variety of Personal Preferences and Interests
  • Defining, Developing and Reinforcing our Desired Culture
  • Key Communication Techniques of the Best Operations
  • Understanding People who Have Challenging Personal Issues
  • Developing Managers
  • Developing Leaders
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Developing Work/Life Balance for you and your Employees


  • Personal, relatable and engaging
  • Humorous, yet solution-oriented
  • Go deep into the issue rather than the common, superficial approach
  • “I Go There” – some trainers will avoid giving specific answers to questions that might have legal implications—or that they aren’t comfortable addressing because it is too personal. Frankly, some simply don’t know how to answer the question. I share what I know, what my clients have experienced, what their attorneys have suggested when necessary, and direct answers to questions.
  • Practical, common-sense and within the comfort zone of the learners.
  • Passionate, conscientious, caring and empathetic.


My main objective is to fulfill the expectations of the company and the audience they want to develop.

We do this through a conversation about the current needs of your audience, factors affecting your managers, supervisors and leaders, current challenges in your industry and the specific techniques and strategies that provide them with actions they can put in place as soon as they return to their duties.


I make it personal. Let’s talk about what’s really the key issues in your business and dig deep past the superficial answers.
The feedback from participants and organizers consistently shows that they most appreciate the fact that I take complex situations and provide easy to implement, common sense, practical solutions that they feel comfortable being able to implement.

In 27 years of management coaching, and 16 years of business management prior to that, there isn’t anything that I haven’t had to work through with a client. It’s not theory or something that’s derived from the latest management guru’s book, these solutions have been implemented and proven effective.