The reason I provide Executive and Management coaching is that during the 16 years that I managed businesses, any time that I networked with other business owners and managers the conversation quickly turned to challenges with employees and/or their family members in the business. It became clear that I could align my passion for solving difficult issues with my lifelong desire to learn and apply all I can about human behavior.

Unfortunately, a growing number of people struggle with relationships in many parts of their life. In the workplace, these individuals have difficulty communicating effectively, dealing with conflict, accepting suggestions for improvement and being an effective part of their team. Their owners, managers and coworkers have difficulty relating to them, even though they would like them to be a key part of their culture.

This tends to be the “messy” parts of management and employee engagement that require experienced coaching and mentoring to resolve. Through a variety of individual coaching, training, support and encouragement we can work through and enhance any issue that you are experiencing and help you reach your full potential.


Don Tyler was born and raised in Northwest Indiana on a diversified family farm. He was actively involved in every area of this grain, hay, beef, sheep and swine operation with his 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Don’s father, Myron Tyler, was known for having the best welding and repair shop in a three-county area.

Highlights of Don’s Professional Career:

  • After graduation from Purdue, Don managed farms in Illinois before returning to Indiana in 1989 to become a partner in a grain and livestock operation.
  • He left the farm partnership in 1995 to form Tyler & Associates, a private Management Coaching and Advisory firm. Don now has over 700 clients in every type of ag business from North Carolina to Hawaii. His clients now include agri-business, all sizes of family farms, leadership development programs, and a wide array of entrepreneurs in all types of businesses from North Carolina to Hawaii.
  • Don has been a writer for Feed Lot© Magazine for 20 years, a regular writer for PORK©, Beef Vet©, PCBE© and Progressive Cattleman© magazines, a variety of other agricultural publications, and has written hundreds of blogs for multiple companies.
  • His Presentations, Trainings and Services include:
    • Executive, Management and Personal Coaching
    • Understanding Personality and Behavioral Styles
    • Sales and Human Behavior Training
    • Family Business Communications and Business Transition
    • Comprehensive Succession Planning
    • Managing across Multiple Generations
    • Strategic Planning
    • Overcoming Our Toughest Challenges
    • Understanding and Managing People with Different Values than our Own
    • Overcoming Barriers to Success


"Don provides a unique service that the industry desperately needs and everyone should utilize." - Brent W., Indiana

"The DiSC exercise showed me that not everyone thinks like me or processes tasks like me. I often get frustrated with a certain co-worker for this reason and Don’s training will help in working with her." - Leadership Training Participant.

"Don helped us by digging into the real issues that were on everyone minds. He brought the ideas to the table in a non-threatening manner and made everyone feel comfortable when we were talking about these issues." - Genetics Company Vice President

"Don's experience with a broad range of personalities gives us invaluable insight for managing our employees. The fact that he is also well-versed in livestock production is a tremendous plus." - Michele W., KS Livestock producer.

"Our investment in the services of Tyler & Associates has been one of the best decisions we have made. It just makes good sense to invest in the growth of our greatest asset—our team! Not only did we enhance the growth of each person's individual potential, but we became better prepared to handle "turbulent" situations we faced in the future as a team. We consider Don our "Pro." He assisted us as we learned to be pro-active and pro-ductive—just two of the many skills we strengthened as a result of his management coaching." - Amy B., IL

"In the 24 years of having speakers for this program, and doing it every year at the same restaurant known for the best food in eastern Ohio, Don is the only speaker that has been rated 'Better than Lunch!' That’s our highest rating ever!" - Ohio Livestock Association Executive