Keynote and Breakout Topics

  • Would You Work for You?
  • Millennials in Agriculture are Unique, and how the Best Operations are Taking Advantage of it.
  • The New Realities of Adult Learning, and Why it is Crucial to Your Operation’s Future.
  • 5 Communication Strategies of the Most Efficient Operations.
  • Using New Technologies to Enhance and Improve Employee Retention.
  • Blending Multiple Cultures and Generations into Your Operation.
  • Creating a Multiple Generation Business Philosophy.
  • Family Business Challenges, Strategies and Development
  • Handling Ethical Dilemmas
  • Modifying and Improving Employee Behaviors
  • Various Leadership topics for the specific audience


Even though I do like to entertain my audiences, I don’t put in lots of jokes and stories just to make them laugh. Any anecdote, joke, example, story, etc. is included for a specific reason. They may remember the funny elements of the presentation, but they’ll remember the key lesson as well.

As much as possible, I avoid the problem that most speakers have today, "Death by PowerPoint!" Most others use far too many slides with content in tiny print that only the front row can read.

Engagement is key. I ask a lot of questions of the audience, get them thinking about how to apply the information immediately on their return home, break them into small discussion groups and end with a list of what they learned that they will apply.

In most cases, the attendees of a conference or training session get almost as much from the networking and interaction with other business owners and leaders as they do from the speakers. I help them meet others in the group with similar issues by having them go into small groups and discuss strategy, techniques, solutions, etc. on exactly what we are discussing. They sometimes make life-long friends!


My main objective is to fulfill the expectations of the sponsoring company and the audience they want to support.

We do this through a conversation about the current needs of your audience, factors affecting their business and markets, current challenges in your industry and the specific techniques and strategies that provide them with actions they can put in place as soon as they return to the business.


I make it personal. Let’s talk about what’s really the key issues in your business and dig deep past the superficial answers.

The feedback from participants and organizers consistently shows that they most appreciate the fact that I take complex situations and provide easy to implement, common sense, practical solutions that they feel comfortable being able to implement.

In 27 years of management coaching, and 16 years of business management prior to that, there isn’t anything that I haven’t had to work through with a client. It’s not theory or something that’s derived from the latest management guru’s book, these solutions have been implemented and proven effective.