Employee Handbooks

In the current business environment, employers-even those with only a handful of employees-need their employee policies documented so they provide consistency between employees and can document their expectations. Without an Employee Handbook, businesses are vulnerable to all types of lawsuits for sexual harassment, discrimination, unfair business practices, inappropriate discipline, safety violations, etc.

Job Descriptions, Performance Evaluations, Job Application Forms, Standard Operating Procedures

These documents provide clear expectations and sound legal backing for the people we interview, hire and manage. These are the documents that a professional business must provide to attract the best possible employees.

Organizational Structure

Having a well-designed organizational structure provides accountability, chain-of-command and efficient delegation.

Training Manuals

Customized, complete Manager Training Manuals that cover all the topics that managers encounter on a regular basis managing employees. These manuals are designed specifically for the operation to assure that the methods and practices described conform to the expectations and preferences of the Owners.

Business Plans

For many businesses, having a Business Plan provides a professional document for potential customers, landlords, investors, vendors, lenders and other individuals who may need to know your business philosophy, Vision, Mission, Goals and interests.