Strategic Planning for Business

Going through the process of developing a Strategic Plan can help the business focus on the specific objectives that need to be accomplished to achieve aggressive long-term goals. As businesses look to future growth, having a professional, written Business Plan can provide the information and image needed to increase your competitiveness.

Strategic Planning for Labor

There are tremendous challenges in finding, developing and keeping great employees. Developing a Strategic Plan for Labor that helps you become the "Employer of Choice" in your area will give you the competitive edge needed to accomplish your Vision.

Conflict Resolution

In time, every group will experience times of conflict. Having a third party who can help identify the issues and bring people back together will assure that the problems are completely resolved-and the many benefits of going through conflict can be realized.

Leadership Development

Hundreds of Leadership Development programs are available, but few of them provide the specific, practical information to help today's managers be more effective with their people. Don's programs provide straightforward, useful techniques that can be applied immediately to everyday situations.

Management Training

Many topics are available to cover any situation, problem or developmental need.

Individual Coaching

As your best production employees are promoted to management positions they often struggle with the "People-Side" of their responsibilities. Individual coaching that addresses their specific needs can accelerate their growth and reduce their frustration.


Every company, team or family encounters challenging times in the life of their business that can be helped with the use of a facilitator. Being able to discuss the needs of the business through a process that reveals and addresses everyone's concerns, preferences and priorities allows the entire group to move forward with optimism and vision.


Many topics are available including: Improving Communication, Understanding Personality Differences, Professional Development, and Generational Differences, as well as Employee Management issues such as Motivation, Accountability, Delegation, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, etc.

Teaching & Motivational Speaking

A wide variety of humorous, educational and thought-provoking topics for all types of audiences, including Trade Shows, Keynotes, Producer Groups, Mother-Daughter Banquets, Association Annual Meetings, and Professional Meetings.